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Schoenitz Dental Laboratory

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With a team of qualified technicians and superior admin staff, this laboratory offers you the best in modern dental technology.

Our Mission

The mission of SDL is to ensure that there is a beautiful symmetry and working relationship between patient, dentist and our laboratory.

A Team of Professionals

Our team has been carefully selected from a handful of spectacular candidates who have been rigorously tested to ensure that their technical ability, precision and dedication are aligned with the requirements and vision of SDL.
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At Schoenitz we believe that the dentist – technician relationship is paramount in delivering a superior result with the ultimate goal of a happy patient with a beautiful smile. .


Central to conventional Crown and Bridgework is the restoration of broken down or missing dentition. This has been the backbone of dentistry for many years. .

Shade taking

Not only do we offer a tranquil and welcoming environment for your patients to attend, but we also cater for more tailored interventions. .

Treatment Planning

Our caseload is largely focused on very difficult cases that most other dental technology studios will not attend to, hence why we offer an essential treatment planning service to maximize your experience with as little turn around time as possible. .


Our implant cases make up 30% of all the work at Schoenitz. We use a number of implant suppliers to ensure that we can provide you a variety of options to suite your needs. .


Our Prosthetics department covers a wide range of solutions .